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Setting Up Membership Types

To add or edit DLI Membership types, login and click on ADMIN.


You will then see a list of all membership types currently in the system. Click the paper/pencil icon next to one if you want to edit it, or click ADD to add a new type.

In the DETAILS tab, you will name the membership type, specify the maximum numbers of organization and individuals for that type, and check the "Use in JSA Reports" field if appropriate. For the US Cleaners, you will also enter something in the MEMBERSHIP TYPE GROUPING field (such as US Cleaner - Gold). This is used on the join form to include both the yearly and monthly options for each US Cleaner type as options. Make sure that the text entered for the monthly and annual memberships are EXACTLY the same for this field.

In the MEMBERSHIP tab you will LEAVE THE GROUP FIELD BLANK because ALL MEMBERSHIP TYPES are added to the DLI MEMBERS GROUP when they join. You will also choose the DURATION TYPE (periodic or annual), the duration of membership (number of days or months), specify whether or not to renew upon expiration and the renewal price.

In the PRICING tab you will put the regular price for the membership type.

In the FULFILLMENT tab you will specify whether or not a notification email will be sent when this membership type is purchased and you can specify the group that will be notified.

In the PURCHASE tab, you can set up invoice and receipt messages.

Click OK when you are done adding or editing the Membership Type.

Setting up Membership Categories for the Join Form

To make sure the correct membership type choices show up in the correct place on the join form, you need membership types set up by category. On the first page of the join form are four choices US, Foreign, Allied Trade and Other. To change how membership types show up on the join form or to add new types, login and click ADMIN. Next, click MANAGE ADD-ONS, DLI MEMBERSHIP APPLICATION, and then DLI MEMBERSHIP CATEGORIES. Click the paper/pencil icon next to the name of the category you want to change, or click ADD to add a new category.

In the DETAILS tab you will name the category, choose a parent membership category if any, and the default selection for this category.

For example, for the US DRYCLEANER category, there is NO Parent, and the default selection is US CLEANER - SILVER: ANNUALLY and for the GOLD category, the PARENT is US DRYCLEANER and the default selection on the join form is US CLEANER - GOLD: ANNUALLY.

Click OK to save your changes.