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Search Engine Optimization

Although it is nice to have a high volume of website visitors, it is equally important to attract the RIGHT visitors to your site. You accomplish both of these goals using Search Engine Optimization.

Contensive?s Search Engine Optimization services will:

  • Help you find the best keywords to increase visits to your website from your target audience.
  • Optimize your website for the chosen keywords and phrases.
  • Follow changes to your Google rankings for the targeted keywords and phrases.
  • Monitor monthly impressions and click through rates to determine if strategy changes are necessary.
  • Suggest website improvements to boost SEO results.

With our proven optimization strategies, Contensive helped one client grow monthly impressions from 2,500 to 300,000! And their click through rate went from 35 to 1,600. In addition, we were able to move their website within the top 10 listings in Google for their key search terms from an initial position of over 200!