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What's Related

The "What's Related" section at the bottom of a webpage enables you to specify other pages related to the same topic as the current webpage.

Adding Pages to "What's Related"

To include a brief overview of a page related to the current webpage and links to that related page, login and click ADMIN. Next click MANAGE CONTENT and then PAGES. Find one of the pages that you want to include. Click on the paper/pencil icon next to the page name to open the edit record for the page. Next click on the CONTENT WATCH tab. Check the box next to "Include in What's Related". Next click the TOPICS tab, and click the box next to the topic you want associated to the page. Click OK to save changes. Continue to do this for all the pages you want to be related by a specific topic and to be included in the "What's Related" section of the other pages.

Adding Topics to the TOPICS tab

To add new topics to the list, login and click ADMIN. Next click on SETTINGS and then TOPICS. Click ADD to add a new topic and click OK to save changes.