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Resource Library

Resource Library
If you have no images in the Contensive Resource Library, it is easy to place them there and organize them however you want.  You can access the resource library two ways: from the admin site under the "Administration" drop down you will see a link to the resource library, or from the Active editor tool bar you can click on the "Images" icon.  Once the Images dialog box opens click on the file folder icon next to the "Source" field in the upper right hand corner. 
Both of these open the resource library in a new browser window.  To add resources (images, pdfs, etc) scroll to the bottom of the browser to the "Upload files to this folder" section, there you will see three fields , a browse button, and an "Upload additional Files" link. 

Click on the browse button to open a Windows Explorer box to find the resource on your computer select the resource by clicking on it and then clicking "open". 

This will place the resource in the "File" field.  If this is the only resource you can then name it, add a description (both are optional) and then click the "upload" button at the bottom of the browser this will move the resource from your computer to the web server and place it in the resource library where you can then place it in your content.


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