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RSS Feeds

RSS feeds are resources on the Internet where news and other information can be quickly downloaded and reviewed by people, or other sites. They are similiar to a list of headlines that link back to the news stories.
Website owners can create RSS feeds in Contensive easily, and attach any content page to the feed with just a click.
To Add an RSS Feed to your site
From the Admin Site, select Administration > Content Watch Lists. Add a new Content Watch List, perhaps called What's New. Give it a RSS Title "What's New on My Site". If you choose to include an RSS Description, it might be "Current highlites at my site." The RSS Filename, RSS Link, and RSS Updated fields will be updated by the system when he feed is processed.
To Add content from your site to your RSS Feed
Go to your public public site, log in, and turn on link authoring. navigate to a page you would like to include in the feed, and click the green edit icon. Scroll down to he section titled "Include in Content Watch Lists / RSS Feeds". Check the checkbox for your RSS feed and you are done. You may also include an optional captioin, or expiration date.
To Process your RSS Feed
The RSS feeds will process themselves once an hour. You can force a process from the RSS Control page, found on the Admin Site, at Administration > Admin tools > RSS Control. From here, you can update your feeds at any time, as well as get the RSS URL and the status of the last update. Note that when you hit the [Update RSS feeds button], the update may take a minute or two, so refresh the page after a moment to see your new RSS links.
To Advertise your RSS Feed on your Site
Now that you have created an RSS feed, you can advertise it so others can use it. To do this, edit any page where you want the RSS feed to advertised, and click the Tag dropdown, and add the icon called "RSS link To [What's New]"
To Pull in Content from another site's feed
Go to the page where you would like the feed to be displayed.  Edit the page and drop on the "RSS Quick Client" add-on.  Double click on the add-on and in the field "URL" paste in the URL for the feed you would like displayed.  Click OK and then save the page.  You will now see the list of articles from the feed you just added.

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