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RSS Clients

RSS Clients are two addons that let you easily display RSS Feeds from other sites on your site.

The RSS Quick Client

This addons makes it easy to display a single RSS feed on your page. Edit the page, drop the quick client on the page and save. To set the feed you want to display, turn on advanced edit and click the addon options icon. Enter the URL for the RSS Feed and click OK.

The RSS Client

This addon lets you mix the content from several RSS Feeds on your page.

Start in the admin site by opening Manage Addons >> RSS Clients. 

Click on RSS Aggregators and create a single entry. For instance, if you creating a group of RSS feeds for softball, you might call this entry the "Softball RSS Feeds".

Next, click on RSS Aggregator Sources. Add an entry for each RSS Feed you want to add to your new group. Be sure to check the box next to the aggregator in each record.

Next, go to the page and add the RSS Aggregator addon in the content. With advanced edit, click on the addon options and select the aggregator you created. In the example above it was "Softball RSS Feeds". Click OK and the site will display a mix of the RSS Feeds you entered for this aggregator.