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The newsletter add-on consists of newsletter stories and issues. You can create as many issues as you want, but only the most current issue shows up in the add-on. Past issues are automatically archived, and future issues wait in the queue until their publication date comes around to be displayed.

How to Install the Newsletter Add-On

Click here for information on Installing Add-Ons. (The Newsletter Add-On is named NEWSLETTER2.)

How to Add the Newsletter to a web page

When you are on the web page where you would like the newsletter to appear and are logged on as an Administrator, you will select the EDIT option from the menu. Next, click the paper/pencil icon. This will take you to the Edit record for your page, shown below:

On this screen put your cursor in the Copy box, click on the Add-on drop down menu and select Newsletter2. An image with the Contensive logo will appear in the Copy Box. Click OK at the top of the page to save the newsletter to your webpage.

After you click OK, you will return to the webpage with the newsletter, where you will see the following:

From this screen you will see the admin links to manage the newsletter. The links allow you to add a new page (story), edit the issue, create an email version, add a new issue, edit the newsletter, and edit categories.

Add a new Story

To add a story you can click on the ADD A NEW STORY link. This will open a blank story record where you can name the story,  type the overview of the story, and type in the story copy in the DETAILS tab. If you click on the BLOCKING tab, you can block the story to only the specific groups that you select. In the FEATURES tab, you can change the sort order of the story within the issue, change the issue the story appears in, and select a category for your story. In the RSS FEEDS tab, you can choose an RSS feed that you want the story to be included in. Click OK to save your new story. After you have saved your story, you can edit any of the information by the paper/pencil icon next to the story title for the story you want to edit.

Email Newsletter

To email the issue simply click on the CREATE EMAIL VERSION link on the newsletter page. This will create a group email that contains the newsletter landing page as the content for the email. In the group email record you simply add a subject line, enter the from address for the email, choose who the confirmation email will be sent to and the email template. Next click on the SEND TO GROUPS TAB and check the groups who you would like to receive the newsletter. Click SEND TEST to review the email and then once you are satisfied with the way it looks in the test email, you will click SEND to send the newsletter to the specified groups.

Add a new Issue

Click on the ADD A NEW ISSUE link. This will open a blank issue record where you can name the issue, enter the cover copy (which displays at the top of the screen when someone is viewing the main newsletter page) and enter the overview copy (which provides a description of the issue after the newsletter link in the archives).

Edit Newsletter

To edit the newsletter, click on the EDIT THIS NEWSLETTER link. This will open the record for your newsletter, where you can change the name of the newsletter, the newsletter template, the email template or the newsletter styles. Click OK to save changes.

Edit Categories

To add or edit categories, click on the EDIT CATEGORIES link. This will show a list of all newsletter categories. You can make changes to a category by clicking the paper/pencil icon next to the category to open the record, change the category name and then click OK to save the change. Click ADD when the category list is displayed to add a new category. Click OK when you are done to save the new record.

Change Which Newsletter is Displayed on the Page

If you want to change which newsletter is displayed on a page, login and click on ADVANCED EDIT. Click the WRENCH icon and in the NEWSLETTER field drop-down, choose the newsletter you want displayed on the current page. Click UPDATE to save changes.