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Start with website templates

Start with one of our website templates, where everything is already set up and ready to go. Add your design elements: background colors, menu colors, roll-overs, fly-outs, image galleries, whatever you need to make the site unique for your clients. Website templates, combined with your distinctive creative changes, save you design time, while still enabling a custom appearance for your clients.

  • You can edit the CSS, add logos or simply swap out images.
  • Add pages and have them automatically update the navigation.
  • Insert add-on functionality like blogs, RSS feeds, surveys and e-commerce.
  • Add a domain name and create user-friendly URLS.
  • Easily add SEO meta content to pages.

With our website templates and CMS, there is nothing to install, upgrade or maintain. Contensive allows you to quickly and easily manage search engine marketing, with user-friendly URLs, easy access to meta content, and built-in stats and analysis, as well as simple integration with 3rd-party tools like Google Analytics.

You can access the online database to send personalized and tracked emails.  You can set up marketing campaigns and track the results of page hits and lead generation workflow. You can also create password protected areas with defined user roles and access. In addition, you are able to integrate social media feeds and and widgets for a more robust online experience. Finally, you get reliable and maintenance-free cloud hosting.