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Metadata (Content Definitions)

Contensive uses meta data to specify the details of data saved in it's database. The meta data is saved in several database tables. One of the most difficult concepts in Contensive is understanding how the metadata interacts.

  • Content
    These records are referred to as Content Definitions. The Content records are stored in a database table called ccContent. Each record represents the definition of one Content Definition, which is similar to a database table. For instance, there is a record in the ccContent table with the name "people". This record stores information about how the system treats the "people" content, which includes attributes like what table stores them, who can edit them, can then be deleted, etc.
  • Content Fields
    Content fields are synonymous with table fields. The metadata that describes the fields in Contensive are stored in a table called ccFields. Each record contains attributes that describe how one field in one Content is to be treated. For instance, there is a record in the ccFields table with the ContentId equal to the Id of "people" in the Content table, and with a name field equal to "name". This record contains attributes that describe the Name field in the People content.
  • Database Tables
    This data describes the database tables used to store content. For instance, in the "people" record in Content includes the TableId which references a record in Database Tables. This Database Table record stores information about the table, like it's table name and what datasource should be used to access it.
  • Data Sources
    This content describes how to reach each database attached to the site. The default datasource is set in the Contensive application manager and does not have a record in the Data Sources content.


The following attributes describe Content. Each attribute is a field in the ccContent table.

  • Name
  • Active
  • ccGuid
  • ContentTableID
  • AllowAdd
  • AllowDelete
  • AllowWorkflowAuthoring
  • AllowTopicRules
  • AllowContentChildTool
  • AllowMetaContent
  • DeveloperOnly
  • AdminOnly
  • ParentID
  • DefaultSortMethodID
  • DropDownFieldList
  • EditorGroupID
  • IconLink
  • IconWidth
  • IconHeight
  • IconSprites
  • IsBaseContent

Content Fields

The following attributes describe Content Fields. Each attribute represents a feature in each content field.

  • Name
  • Active
  • ContentID
  • Type
  • Caption
  • ReadOnly
  • NotEditable
  • LookupContentID
  • RedirectContentID
  • RedirectPath
  • RedirectID
  • UniqueName
  • TextBuffered
  • DefaultValue
  • Required
  • Password
  • Scramble
  • HTMLContent
  • IndexColumn
  • IndexWidth
  • Authorable
  • IndexSortPriority
  • IndexSortDirection
  • EditSortPriority
  • EditTab
  • AdminOnly
  • DeveloperOnly
  • ManyToManyContentID
  • ManyToManyRuleContentID
  • ManyToManyRulePrimaryField
  • ManyToManyRuleSecondaryField
  • MemberSelectGroupID
  • RSSTitleField
  • RSSDescriptionField
  • LookupList
  • IsBaseField
  • editorAddonID