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Membership Application

Deleting Checkboxes from Prior Year's Application Page

To delete the checkboxes on the front page of the membership application, login and go to ADMIN HOME, then MANAGE ADD-ONS, Then CHC MEMBERSHIP APPLICATION, and finally ORGANIZATION APPLICATION STATUS. You will then see a list of records for all organizations. These records contain information about the status of the checkboxes on the front page of the membership applications.

To eliminate all checkboxes from the application, simply click the checkbox next to the row number for each record. Once you have selected all records listed on that page, click the DELETE button. Repeat this for any remaining records listed on additional pages.

This will reset the applications so that no boxes are checked on the first page of the membership application.

Managing Organization Contact Types and Group Membership

The membership contact groups are constantly updated based on the membership contacts set in the organization profile form. The following contact types are added (or removed) from the listed groups:

  • Communication Liaison -Member Communication Liaison Group
  • Health-Member Health Program Coordinator Group
  • Member Billing-Member Finance Group
  • Member CEO-Member CEO Group
  • National Charity Rep-Potential Members Group
  • National Charity Rep-ALT-Member Alt Group
  • Volunteer-Member Volunteer Program Coordinator Group

(NOTE: To modify the groups associated with each contact type, login and click on ADMIN, MANAGE ADD-ONS, CHC MEMBERSHIP APPLICATION and then ORGANIZATION CONTACT TYPES. Click on the paper/pencil icon next to the contact type you want to edit or click ADD to add a new contact type. You can then modify the contact type name or the group selected. Click OK to save changes.)

When any change is made to a person's contact type, they are added to or deleted from the appropriate group. Also, they are added to the Affiliate Staff group.

In order to add someone to the Member Rep group, without having them deleted by the automated check, the person needs to be an organization contact in the appropriate group. 

If you want to add someone to one of the groups that does not already have a people record in the system, you can go to EXTRANET, PROFILE and add them as a contact to an organization.

If you want to add someone to one of the groups and the person is already in the system, make sure that they are associated with an organization. Then you can go to the EXTRANET, PROFILE and select the organization for that person. You can then select the person from the COMPANY CONTACTS list and update their contact type. Additionally, you can add someone as a charity contact by going to MANAGE ADD-ONS, CHC MEMBERSHIP APPLICATION, CHARITIES and open the charity record. In the PRIMARY CONTACT field, select the person you want to add as a contact for the charity. NOTE: This person must be set as a MEMBER in the CONTROLLING CONTENT tab of their people record in order to show up in the Primary Contact drop down list.

Adding a New Member Application

To add a new member application, login and click on ADMIN. Go to MANAGE USERS, ORGANIZATIONS. If the organization is already in the database, open the record and record the number in the ID field. If the organization is new to CHC, click on the ADD button to add the new organization. Again, record the ID number of the new organization, enter all relevant information and click OK to save it.

Next, click on MANAGE USERS, PEOPLE to associate a user to the organization. Either select a person already in the database or click ADD to add a new one. Enter all information for the person. The fields that are critical for them to be able to access the Membership Application are selecting the correct ORGANIZATION from the drop down in that field and making sure the person has a username and password. Click OK after you have entered all information for that person.

Next you must associate the organization to a membership application. To do this click on MANAGE ADD-ONS, CHC MEMBERSHIP APPLICATION, and then ORGANIZATION APPLICATIONS. Click ADD and then enter the ORGANIZATION ID that you recorded from the ORGANIZATION record. In the NAME field type the name of the ORGANIZATION. When you are done entering all the information for the application, click OK to save the new application.

After you have completed these steps, the user(s) set up will be able access the Online Membership Application on the page http://healthcharities.org/application.

Exporting a Member Applications

To export data for member applications, login and click on ADMIN. Got to MANAGE ADD-ONs, CHC MEMBERSHIP APPLICATION, EXPORT CHARITY APPLICATIONS. Here you will enter your email address (last email entered shows up) and click START EXPORTS. The system will generate the exports and send links to the 2 export files when complete: Export All Charities and Export National Offices.

Completing a CHC membership application

Admins have access to the Complete This Application button. This button will mark the selected Charities application completed (make it non editable), move all charity information to the live site, and copy any uploaded files to the FTP directory in the folder specified in the drop down FTP Archive Folder.