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Meeting Smart FAQ

How do I run a report of people who signed up for a session?
To run a report in meetingsmart for a specific session you need to go to the admin area interface for meeting smart, then select the "reports" link from the left hand navigation. Choose the meeting you want from the first drop down. This will then populate the drop down box for available sessions from that meeting, choose the session. Then select the type of report from the report list. In this case the "participant roster by session", and then click the button create report. This will return the list of participants to your session and display them on the screen. You can now choose to export the list or print the list from the links below the report.
How do Discount Codes work? One Member pays full price. Additional guests or staff they bring with them pays half price.


Meeting Discount Codes discount meeting registration only (not sessions). A discount is either a free registration, or a dollar amount off the total meeting registration fee, which includes any guest registration fees. Sessions are not included in discount. We only allow one registration per visit - guests are considered as a spouse or child - not another meeting attendee.


We do not have a way to facilitate this automatically. After creating a discount code, distribute the code to different meeting attendees. After you have received notification of someone registering at full price for the meeting, Attendees will only receive a discount if they enter the correct discount code at the time of registration.


If I set up a discount code for members, it will appear on the entire registration for people to see.  Why is it displayed?


You can setup a discount code for members by editing the details for a specific meeting. At the bottom of the details screen is a link for editing the discount code, ?Edit Meeting Code?. Click on the link and enter your discount code and amount. You can also add a meeting code by clicking on ?Add Meeting Code?.


Provide name of the Content Pages where I can find the Registration Thank, Guest Selection page, and all other pages related to the Meeting Registration.


In the ?Admin Site?, Click on ?Site Content? tab and Select ?Pages? > ?Page Content?. A list of Page Contents for your entire web site will populate. Scroll down to the bottom and perform a search for any of these pages listed below. For instance, if you wanted to edit the Completion/Thank You page content, type in ?Meeting Registration ??  (include the space and hyphen where necessary). Click find and a list of all pages with ?Meeting Registration? will populate. You can then edit the specific page content. This step applies to all the other page contents on this list.

Steps/Function  -                    Page Name

Meeting Selection   -   Public Meeting Selection Page Copy

Login (Attendee)  -   Select People For Meeting Registration

Login (Admin)   -   Meeting Registration - Admin Login Copy

Attendee Details   -   Public Meeting Attendee Page Copy

Guest Registration   -   Guest List Registration Page Copy

Spouse Selection   -   Spouse Selection Page Copy

Session Registration   -   Public Meeting Register Sessions Page Copy

Review/Payment   -   Public Meeting Register Payment Page Copy

Completion/Thank You   -   Meeting Registration -"Meeting Name

*** Please note, that these pages are created automatically by the system after you create a meeting. Because you manually setup 'Completion/Thank You' email copy, we have learned that if you change the name of the meeting, the 'Completion/Thank You' page will not appear because the name of the page has change. Therefore, the link may redirect to the homepage.

After Completing Registration, there is no thank you page for me to drop my survey on or add a ?Thank You? message.


The Completion/Thank You copy allows you to create a custom 'Thank You' message for different meeting registrations. The message will appear to attendees after completing registration. See the item above for details.


Do I need to set up a separate attendee type for each group I have coming? Affiliate Chairs, Affiliate Staff, Members, national Board


You only need to setup a separate ?Attendee Type? if the attendee types have different prices. You can also bundle multiple meeting attendees into one type if they all have to pay the same price for the meeting. (Base price = price of registration before discounts; not including sessions)


To do this, add multiple groups to the attendee type on the Attendee Type Edit screen.


On Attendee Guest Registration Selection: there is a title: Spouse Selection in the Aggregate Replacement. I need to change Spouse Selection to Guest Selection. Where do I do this?


The form is specifically for Spouse selection - some clients use the Spouse Report when preparing for their meetings. Spouse selection is the only selection currently.


Spouse Selection. This should include friends, family and the radial button only allows one option. 


There is a guest page to create multiple guests (that only include people like, spouse, friend, child, etc.) Keep in mind that, the Spouse Selection page is not to add additional meeting attendees, so you cannot select spouse.


Once I register, the Attendee details with all the sessions I have registered for is displayed, but out of order. The sessions do not display by Date (as I have indicated in the Sort Order).


We are aware of the need for this functionality. This is on our add-on list for Contensive; however, there is no scheduled date of release.


Selecting sessions and displayed selected sessions are not in the Sort order by date, which I have indicated.


We are aware of the need for this functionality. This is on our add-on list for Contensive; however, there is no scheduled date of release.

We encourage feedback from our clients. If you experience issues with MeetingSmart that should be included in the FAQ page, please forward your feedback to Support@Contensive.com with MeetingSmart FAQ in the subject line.

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