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Meeting Presentations

To see a list of past TCA meetings, go to truckload.org/Meeting-Procedings. On this page will be a list of past meetings, and you will click on one to go to a page with details about the meeting and a list of available presentations from that meeting. If you click on the title of the presentation, you will have access to the file presented during that session.

The meeting list is compiled from all meetings entered in MeetingSmart on the TCA website that have an end date in the past. A list of the presentations for each meeting comes from those entered in the Call For Presenters application. Once that application has been completed and accepted, it will be listed in the session submissions for the specified meeting. To upload the presentation file for a specific presentation, login and click on ADMIN. Next, click on MANAGE ADD-ONS, TCA CALL FOR PRESENTERS, and SESSION SUBMISSIONS. You will see a list of all session submissions. Click on the paper/pencil icon next to the one you want to edit to open the record. In the field ATTACHMENT SESSION FILE, you will click on BROWSE to find the file you want to upload. Once you have uploaded the file, click OK to save it.