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Medical Web Sites by Contensive

Contensive designs database driven web sites so medical practices like yours can self-manage their web sites, market their practice, educate and inform current and potential patients, promote and manage consult registrations online, build password protected patient only areas, support and manage Search Engine Optimization, allow specific bulk emailing communications, and Contensive can connect with your existing in-house database to leverage your available assets.

The software is completely non-technical and is accessed through a browser interface so there?s no software to install locally.

  • Easy-to-use Search Engine Optimization Tools
  • Custom Designs
  • Online Patient Forms
  • Video/Photo Gallery
  • E commerce Options
  • Web Statistic
  • Bulk email Marketing
  • Online Newsletters
We are currently offering doctors in the northern Virginia area a free analysis of their current web site and practice operations to show how our system can improve efficiencies and accelerate your marketing efforts. We would appreciate the opportunity to speak with you how the Contensive Solution can increase your online referrals by 50%. We will show you examples of how other medical practices are using Contensive and demonstrate how it can help your organization save money and become more efficient with your web communications. 

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