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Managing Users

You manage users in three different sections, people, groups and organizations. 


These records describe individual users. You can create records in People for anyone you wish to track, and anyone who visits the site is automatically assigned to a people record.

There are several types of people records:

  • Guests - people who visit the site, but do not have a username, pasword or any other way to revisit using the same people record.
  • Members - people who have a way to log in to the site and may return many times.
  • Content Managers - people who can edit content on the site and may have limited access to the Admin site.
  • Administrators and Developers - people who can edit all content, as well as other people records.


Groups are collections of people. Any record in people can be added to any group by editing their record.

Groups can be assigned site permissions, such as editing permission or access to sections and pages.

Manage Groups


Organizations are companies.


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