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Managing Templates

What is a template.

In Contensive, a template is a block on html that is delivered within a page's html body tags. It may contain any number of add-ons which add dynamic features and content. A site can have many templates. The template that is displayed is determined by settings on the page or the section. If not template is specified, the template with the name 'Default' is used.

How do I edit my template.

You edit templates exactly that same way you edit content. You can edit your templates from the admin site or from the site site. To edit a template from the admin site, open the navigator to Manage Design. Click on Templates. You will see all the site templates. Click on the edit icon to edit a template.

How do I include CSS styles.

The site styles located on the navigator under Manage Design will always be delivered with every public page.

If there are styles you want to include only on one a template, you can add them to the styles tab under exclusive styles. 

If there are styles you want to share between several templates, or other objects in the system you can add them to a shared styles record and check the box to include that shared style with this template, either on the shared styles page or on the template page.

If you will be saving your template in a collection, we recommend you use either exclusive styles or shared styles since the site styles usually contains unrelated styles that would be transferred as well.

How do I use Mobile Styles

If you to use a custom template for mobile visitors, enable mobile templates on the Mobile tab of the preferences page, found on the navigator under settings. When enabled, each template record has a mobile equivalent that is used automatically when a mobile device is recognized.

You can test the mobile template mode by adding the query string "method=forcemobile" to the url. Revert on the non-mobile template with "method=forcenonmobile". For instance, inf your site is http://www.mysite.com, to see the mobile templates, type


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