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Lead Tracking

The lead tracking collection installs several tools used to track and convert prospects to leads and customers.


Leads are people who have shown some level of interest. They are grouped in the Marketing-Leads list.

Qualified Leads

Qualified Leads are leads who are ready to be contacted individually. They are grouped in the Marketing-Qualfied-Leads list.

Lead Sources

A list of places where leads might originate, like Adwords or a tradeshow. If the leads come in from the Internet, the Lead Source Generator creates a URL to link traffic back.

When a lead comes in from the a lead source, they are automatically logged in so the lead can be tracked by the user, not the visit. If it is the first time this user is recognized by the site, the Initial Lead Source in the user record is set. Every time a lead is recognized, a new touchpoint is created linking the source, the lead and the visit together.

The user is also added to the Marketing-Leads group.


A Touchpoint is someone comes to the site from a Lead Source. The initial touchpoint is saved in the Lead's user record. All touchpoints are saved in touchpoint records.