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LoadLog Join Form

To join LoadLog, a potential customer will click on the link that says CLICK HERE TO REGISTER.

This will take the user to a join form where they will enter their company name, street address, city, state, zip, phone and fax for their organization.

They will also enter the following information for the primary contact at the company, who will also be the dashboard administrator for the company:

first name, last name, street address, city, state, zip, e-mail, phone, username and password

If the billing contact is different than the primary contact, they will also enter the following information for the billing contact at the company:

first name, last name, street address, city, state, zip, e-mail, phone, username and password

Finally, they will enter the payment information, including:

Payment type: Credit Card or ACH

For Credit Cards, they will enter the name on card, card #, card expiration date and card security code

For ACH payments, they will enter the name on check, Bank Routing # and Bank Account #

Once the join form is completed, the organization will be included as a member in the LoadLog system, and the primary and billing contacts will have user records set up, which will enable them to login and manage the LoadLog dashboard.

Setting Up Membership Types

An administrator at LoadLog will login to the LoadLog website and click on ADMIN. From here, click on MANAGE ADD-ONS, MEMBERSHIP MANAGER, MEMBERSHIP TYPES. To add a new membership type, click ADD at the top of the screen. To modify a membership type, click the paper/pencil icon next to the membership type in the list.

In the membership type record, in the DETAILS tab, enter the name of the membership type, the maximum number of individuals and companies allowed (if any) and any descriptive information. In the PRICING tab, enter the price charged upon joining. In the SUBSCRIPTION/RENEWAL tab, enter DISPATCH as the group, set the DURATION TYPE as periodic, set up the number of expiration days or months, check RENEW on EXPIRATION, and enter the price charged upon renewal. In the FULFILLMENT tab, check "Send Fulfillment Notification" and select a group in the "Fulfillment Notification Group" field if you want an email sent to a specific group when someone joins or renews. In the PURCHASE tab you can choose to add custom text to any unpaid invoices with this membership type. Click OK to save the membership type.

Customer Payment Work Flow

Once the LoadLog customer is set up in the system and starts adding loads, the system will each night, at a set cut-off time, count the number of completed loads per customer that have not been previously marked as billed.  All of those loads will be counted and multiplied by the Customer Charge based on membership type in the system. An invoice will be generated, and the system will attempt to auto-pay the invoice using the the 1st pay method.  

If the 1st pay method fails the system will attempt to pay the invoice with the 2nd pay method. If successful their balance is updated and they are ?renewed? for one day.  If both payments fail, then the invoice is left unpaid and the customers is marked as expired.  

Note: Each Customer membership type will have a grace period associated to it.  Access to the system will be allowed while the LoadLog customer is current, or if the customer is expired and within the grace period.

The next day the system will again gather the data to create the next invoice and pay it and any other unpaid invoices starting with the oldest.  If payment fails, this process will repeat as long as the customer is within the grace period.  Once outside the grace period, the system will expire the permissions of the people associated to the LoadLog Customer Organization record, effectively blocking their access to the system.

The customer will have delivered to the billing contact each night?s invoice with details including: the load numbers, delivery customer, delivery location and load type.  In the account record for the customer, LoadLog can set the type of invoice delivery; eMail, print and mail, or fax.

LoadLod admins will have access in the backend to a daily activity report showing all charges and their results; account listings showing account statuses, (current, expired, cancelled), the ability to manually enter payments to pay a customer invoice, access to the Customer Charge Membership (to create different price points for completed deliveries), and an exportable transaction table for import into their accounting system. 

For additional information about managing membership accounts, click on MEMBERSHIP MANAGER.

For information about managing invoices, click on INVOICE MANAGER.