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Create a DotNet Visual Basic Windows Library Addon

These instructions will walk you through the basic creation of an Add-on using Visual Studio .NET.

  1. Install Contensive on your Development Machine. See Installation and Setup for details.
  2. Open Visual Studio and create a new Class Library project. This sample is Visual Basic.
  3. Open project properties, click Application and remove the Root Namespace, because it is included in the sample code.
  4. On the compile tab, click build events and paste this into Post-Build event (correcting paths as needed)

    copy $(TargetDir)"*.dll" "C:\Program Files\kma\Contensive\Addons"

  5. Add a reference to cpBase.dll -- usually found in c:\Program Files\kma\Contensive
  6. Paste the following code into the created class file.

    Namespace Contensive.Addons
    ' Hello World
    Public Class HelloWorldClass
    Inherits BaseClasses.AddonBaseClass
    Public Overrides Function Execute(ByVal CP As Contensive.BaseClasses.CPBaseClass) As Object
    Return "Hello World"
    End Function
    End Class
    End Namespace

  7. Build the DLL. 
  8. Go to your admin site and open the navigator to Navigator >> Manage Addons >> Advanced >> click on Add-ons
  9. Click Add to create a new addon. Set the following
    • Set the name to Hello World
    • Click the DLL tab and enter "Contensive.Addons.HelloWorldClass" in the Dot Net Class Full Name
    • Click the Placement tab and check the box "Place on Pages"
    • Click OK to save and close the record
  10. Go to the public site and turn on Quick Edit.
  11. Put the cursor anywhere in the wysiwyg editor and click the 'addons' drop-down menu. Select "Hello World" and a green addon will appear in your content.
  12. Click OK to close the editor and in it's place on the page will be "Hello World"
  13. To deploy the new addon on another server, see Deploying an Addon Collection