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Image Fader Collection

The image fader collection creates an addon that lets you easily create a box on your site that gently fades from one image to the next.

Adding the Image Fader to A Page

Add the Image Fader Collection to your site with the Addon Manager, located under tools in the admin site.

Once installed, you will have a new entry in the add-ons drop-down list within your wysiwyg editor. Navigate to the page on your site where you want to add the fader and turn on Quick Edit. The new add-on will be in the Add-ons drop-down.

Put the cursor where you want the fader, click on Add-ons to expose the menu of available add-ons, and click on Image Fader. The add-on icon will appear in your editor.

Click OK to exit the Quick Editor and save.

To Add Images to the Image Fader 

Turn on Edit with the tool panel. You will see an Add icon where the Image Fader was placed on the page. An Add Icon is a small green image of a page with a plus sign. 

Click the Add Icon and upload your image. When you return to the page, your image will be in Fader. Add multiple images and they smoothly fade from one to another.

To Edit Images to the Image Fader 

Turn on Edit with the tool panel. You will see two icons in the top left corner of the Image Fader images. Use the first to edit the current image and the second to add additional images.