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IP Address Report

To access this report, login and go to ADMIN HOME. Click on REPORTS and thn IP ADDRESS REPORT.

After setting your conditions, proceed by clicking on IP Address Report. In this report you?ll see a simple chart sorting the IP Addresses of each of your visitors during your pre-defined timeframe parameters. It shows how many visits each separate IP Address made and how many pages were viewed. You can use the Blocked column to include or exclude specific IP Addresses. This is particularly useful in the instance where you don?t want visits from your own employees to skew your statistics. In this case you would block the IP Addresses of all employees.

If you want to use this report to see if there are particular IP Addresses that are visiting your site often. If so, you can do a reverse look-up in the "Who Is" section of the Network Solutions website, to identify the name of the organization that owns that IP Address.

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