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How they Work

Conditional emails are created just like regular group emails, in that you have use of the resource library, the active editor and active content. The difference is the additional fields in the conditional email.

To send a conditional email, login and go to ADMIN HOME. Choose MANAGE EMAIL and then CONDITIONAL EMAIL from the menu on the left side of your screen. To add a new conditional email click ADD.

Once your email body is created you next choose a "condition" from the drop down box. These "Conditions" are "Condition Period (days) after joining selected group", or " Condition Period (days) before expiration from selected group".

The next field is the condition period. This is the amount of time in days that the condition will be affected. In other words if you choose "After Join", then the number of days after a person joins the group this email will be sent.

The next field "Do not send before" gives you the ability to delay the start of the email until the date specified.

The Reverse is true in do not send after. This allows you specify when the email will stop sending.

The other fields are the same as the standard group emails.

Click SEND TEST to make sure the email looks the way you want it to.

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