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5 Easy Steps To Take Your Designs To The Next Level

Step 1 ? Sign Up It?s Free

Sign up for a FREE designer friendly CMS site. You will get a site with your name on our domain (yourname.sitefpo.com) complete with database set up and sample copy. You can keep this for as long as you like at no charge!

Step Two ? Make It Art

You can send us your layered PSD files and we'll take care of the rest.

If you are more hand-on, send us your HTML files and CSS and we can show you how to get under the hood and get your hands dirty.

You can also use one of our sample templates and customize it for your needs.

Step Three ? Tell Your Story

Add your sections, and pages using the front end WYSIWIG editor.  Quickly add images and graphics, links, videos etc.

Drop in add-ons to extend your page functionality to quickly add blogs, forums, surveys and more!

Step Four ? Make it Live

Get approval from your client, and when you?re ready, use the domain manager to convert the temporary site into a Live site with your Domain. Choose your hosting package and you?re done

You don?t start paying until the site live.

Step Five ? Turn it up or Turn it over

Contensive is an easy to use CMS, so you can set up your client to manage the content, or you continue to manage it. If you prefer, Contensive can provide site maintenance and client support. 

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