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Data Housekeeping

The housekeeping process runs once per day and removes old data, as well as updates add-ons, and corrects data issues that affect your site appearence and performance.

You can select what time of day you want this activity to run on the data on your site with the preferences page, on your admin navigator.

Some activities, like add-on updates, will occur at a single designated time for the server and will not be affected by the preferences changes on your site. To change the time when server activities run, have your server administrator edit the Housekeep configuration in the Contensive config folder.

Note that if you make a change to your site settings that results in a large number of records being deleted, the server will limit deletes to 30 days worth of records each day. This is to minimize the effect of this activity on the server performance.

This page was last reviewed 6/5/2012 11:55:58 AM