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When creating a group email for marketing your properties and self there are several "do's and don'ts" you should remember.

  • Do- Put a subject line in the email but be wary of using to many "marketing" words as it may be flagged in an email/spam filter program on the recipients computer
  • Do- check the box "Allow link Authentication"  this will track people who come back to your site through the email.
  • Do- remember to create a link back to your site in the email. 
  • Do- remember to check the allow spam footer check box.  This will help keep you in compliance with spam regulations.
  • Do- prepare yourself for returned emails.  Email addresses change all of the time so when returns come make sure you update your member records so you help minimize the returns the next time you send.


  • Don't- Create images for your email that contain your message.  Some e-mail clients do not read HTML email and therefore do not show images.  You should present your message in text so they can still understand your email.
  • Don't add images that are large and then use the image tool to shrink them.  You should shrink your images before adding them to the resource library.  larger images that are reduced using the image tool are only displayed smaller their file size is the same.  Large images will take longer to e-mail and slow down your site's server.
  • Don't- send group email's to group that are larger than 3000, again the more emails that need to be created the more your server will slow down.