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Enterprise Web Site Features

Contensive provides a wide-range of business solutions to meet your most important challenges. From the power of content personalization to robust content management to leading-edge collaboration applications and enterprise knowledge management portals?Contensive can provide the right solution to help you revitalize your business.

Enterprise Business Solutions

Contensive offers broad range functional applications and solutions built upon a robust, scalable, open enterprise platform.

Enterprise Content Management

Contensive simplifies web changes, delivers personalized content and communications, tracks site usage and builds profiles of site visitors. No other content management tool allows you as much flexibility coupled with robust features through an easy to understand interface. Contensive puts the content owners in control.

Customer Relationship Management

In addition, Contensive solutions help support customer ?self-service? by providing content to the right people at the right time resulting in improved customer service and deeper, more meaningful customer relationships. Contensive?s on board CRM solution enables robust customer segmentation, behavior analysis, and automated direct response marketing.


Contensive provides a full range of enhanced personalization capabilities that are easily tailored to match your organization's unique needs. Contensive is fully scalable to accommodate the growth of your business, Contensive will easily adapt and support multiple open standards and platforms?so you can readily integrate your Contensive solution with legacy back-end systems as well as ERP, CRM and other enterprise applications.

Campaign Management

Contensive provides a broad range of campaign management tools for improving offline and online customer communications. Conduct targeted direct response campaigns and accurately measure effectiveness.

Reporting and Analysis

Contensive provides the tools to acquire measurable business intelligence enabling rapid response to a fluid marketplace. On board reporting and analysis tools provide real time assessment of performance and efficiency as well as critical forecasting tools enabling you to act when market forces dictate a need for change.

Commerce Solutions

Sitting on top of Contensive?s content management framework are a host of eCommerce applications delivering specific solutions to common business problems such as:

  • Deploying of private exchanges or B2B eMarketplaces.
  • Delivering multi-tiered customer specific pricing.
  • Catalog content creation and transaction management.