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Email Bounce Control

On the Email tab of the preferences page there are settings for bounce control. 

You create an email address for use in your email bounce program. It should not be a person's email, but one dedicated to this purpose. Give your website the email address to use as the bounce destination for all emails sent from the site.

You then also give the username, password and email server pop account URL to the site.

When an email is sent, it will include this email address in case the email can not be delivered. The email will be sent to that account. The site checks this account periodically. It interrogates the returned email to determine the reason it was returned, and categorizes them into two groups: soft bounces and hard bounces. A soft bounce is one that may be recovered later, like "mailbox full". A hard bounce is one that is permanent, like "this person does not have a mail box here".

On the email tab, you also have control of what action should be taken on hard bounces: delete the user, erase the user's email address, or clear the user account's "Allow Group Email" setting.

If you choose to use this feature, we recommend that you configure it and test it before dropping your large mailing.

Lastly, how do you handle being marked as spam? Within the Contensive server, you can send what you want to whom you choose. To be hosted here, you agree not to send unsolicited email unless the recipient has an existing relationship with your organization.

We have around 25 email servers to send through. If your email is shifted to the spam folder to too many aol users, or too many yahoo users, and that service blocks our email servers, your other emails to that service will not get through. When this happens, it creates quite a problem around here, moving services around so other clients are not affected as well. These blocks are ussually rare and temporary, and will clear in a few days.