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Editing the ATCA Board of Directors Page

To make changes to the Board of Director?s Page:

1.Make sure the person is in the group Board of Directors 2013.

2.Make sure their name is correct in their People Record.

3.Make sure they have an image uploaded in their People Record. (In the PERSONALIZE tab)

4.Make sure their title is included in the MEMBER RULE RECORD.

To get to this record:

a.Login and click ADMIN.


c.Type the name in the MEMBER column and click FIND.

d.Open the record by clicking on the paper/pencil icon.

e.Type the title in the ROLE field.

f.Click OK to save changes.

NOTE: The ATCA Board of Directors page is created from information out of two tables, People, and Member Rules. The Title on the the BOD page specifically comes from a field in Member Rules, called "Role". If you set this field in the correct record, it is displayed on the BOD page. This field was not meant to be manually updated. It is populated automatically from the "Daxko Sync" process. The Daxko sync process requests data from an area in the Daxko system called "Committee Members". We read in two fields from this table Daxko CommitteeMembers.member_guid We read this value and use it to locate the correct person in the website, matching the "ATCA GUID" field of that record. We put them into the group called "Board of Directors 2013" Daxko CommitteeMembers.position_name This contains the text that we put into the "Role" field of the appropriate "Member Rules" record.

Additional Notes:

The BOD page lists everyone in the group "Board of Directors 2013". 

There are two additional fields needed to make the is page work correctly. 

These fields are found in a table called "Member Rules" 

1) The Title within that group
2) The sort order within that group 

Sorting the listings for the BOD. The Board page is currently set to sort first by "Alpha Sort order" descending. That means "z" is first, then "x", etc. If the Alpha Sort for two records matches, it uses the last name as a backup. I would recommend changing these from "zzz" to a two digit number, "99" to "00". The top entry should be "99", then next "98", etc. To set the sort order, go to Member Rules either by clicking this link, or going to the admin site, open Manage Addons > ATCA > click on "Member Rules" http://www.atca.org/admin/index.asp?cid=28 From here, search for everyone with "Board of Directors 2013" as the group. Then sort the list by Alpha Sort Order. Once set, they should not change. If you make a change and it somehow sets itself back to "zzz", or if the list stops sorting as described, please let us know.