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Edit Upcoming Events on Home Page

Upcoming Events on the home page are pulled from the event calendar. You will specify which events you want to include on the home page in the event record.

Enter Event on Event Calendar
To include an event in the Upcoming Events section on the home page, you must first enter the event on the calendar. To add a new event to the calendar, click on "See All Events" on the home page. This takes you to an event list.

Login and click on EDIT. Then click the + located after the last event currently on the calendar. This creates a new calendar event record. You will enter the event name, start and end dates, webpage link (if any), and copy with details about the event.

Next go to the CALENDAR tab in the record and select EVENTS. Add information in the RECURRING EVENT tab if the event repeats periodically.

Marking Event to Show in Upcoming Events on Home Page
If you want the event to show on the home page in the Upcoming Events section, go to the UPCOMING EVENTS tab in the event record. Click on SHOW ON HOME PAGE. Upload a picture if you have one for the event; otherwise a default photo will show. Also, enter a brief description for the event.

Click OK to save your new event.

The Upcoming Events section on the home page will show the next event in the calendar that has been checked to show on the home page. If no events are checked, the next upcoming event will be included in the Upcoming Events section on the home page. When an event passes, it will be removed from the Upcoming Events and the next specified event will show.