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Easy to use - Easy to edit

Contensive editing tools are easy and intuitive to use.  Users can edit the actual content records from the admin area or use the "Quick Editor" and edit right from the page.  Tools allow you to place photos, create links, drop in extended functionality with add-ons, create links, add pages that auto appear in the navigation and so much more!

Have a page you want to keep private? Blocking the page is a simple two click process.

Want to include the page in an RSS feed? Simply click the feed name you want it included on and save.

Want to add a customer survey to a page? Drop in the survey add-on and add your questions.

Want to add a photo gallery to a page? Choose the gallery you want to use and drop the add-on on the page.

Want to add a community based forum? Again just drop the add-on on the page.

All of our add-ons are built or reviewed by Contensive engineers to make sure they are cross-compatible with any other Contensive add-on you may want to use.  You can be assured you won't break something else when putting an add-on on a page. 

But should you or your client ever have a problem, you can always call, email or add a ticket via our online support, and a dedicated Contensive engineer will help solve the problem.  Unlike Open Source CMS where you have to hire a firm or an individual who may or may not know what they are talking about, our product comes with a dedicated support staff.  We live, eat and breathe this stuff.  We customize it, we test it, we know how to get under the hood and get our hands dirty so you don't have too.