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Use the Domain settings to control how the site responds to different domain names.

Domain Records

There should be a domain record for each domain used by the website. If an entry is not present when the domain is used, a new domain record will be created as a Normal domain.

For more detail about the function of each domain record field, refer to the help copy under each field.

Referring a Root Domain to its www-style Domain

To use both the root domain and the www-style domain on the same site, you may to force all visitors to use just one or the other. As an example, the www.Contensive.com site is the main site, but we want hits to Contensive.com to have the save content.

In this case, Set the www site to type: Normal, and the root domain (Contensive.com) to type: Forward-to-Replacement-Domain. Then set the Replacement-Domain to www.Contensive.com.

Now visitors to pages on Contensive.com will be automatically sent to the same page on www.Contensive.com.

Referring a Domain to Another Website.

If we wanted to send all traffic from a domain to just one URL, set the domain to type: Forward-to-Url and enter the URL in the Forward-Url box.