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Step 1: Discovery

During Discovery the Contensive team will meet with your project team to determine the scope and establish the objectives of your web initiative. We provide creative web design, strategic branding, user experience consulting, Information Architecture review and input, wire-frame prototyping, brand messaging, online marketing and content organization strategies to support your organization's online goals.

Discovery Design Goals

  • Create content delivery structure that addresses multiple audiences, each with unique needs.
  • Design user friendly navigation system and with multiple page layout formats for scalability.

Discovery UI Goals

  • Understand informational and functional needs of target audience(s) and define how they will interact with the website.
  • Clearly establish the specific goals for each user group.
  • Determine how success will be measured.

The end result of discovery is to develop the Creative Strategy and Technical Requirements Document, which is the blueprint for the website design and the implementation strategy. Our goal is to leverage the comprehensive social networking, online marketing and programming features of Contensive CMS to automate information sharing, and reduce administrative burden. These documents include a detailed project plan outlining tasks, needed resources and critical paths for site launch.