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New SLA Program

Do you ever find yourself wondering how to edit the CSS on your site, or wanting to add another domain and have it point to a micro-site, or looking for a custom report but not sure how to write the SQL statement to get the data, or wanting to add a widget to your page but not sure how to add the embed code or maybe you just need some extra hands to help add content?
Then maybe an in place SLA agreement is just the answer to your needs.

Introducing SLA Billing

Whether you are requesting small, quick jobs, which require less than 5 hours, or larger jobs that involve requirements gathering, scope definition, fixed quotes and sometimes wire frames, a Service Level Agreement for billing can provide significant advantages for you!

Simply request a task online, by phone or via email and within 24 or 48 hours the project will start*.


  • Speeds up the start and launch date of projects.
  • Provides you with a significant discount rate.
  • Eliminates administrative burden of the quote approval process.
  • Allows you to better control your budget.

These SLA tasks will be billed against an agreed upon amount of hours that you prepay. The SLA can cover programming, design, UX/Architecture changes, database administration, and content management. You decide the number of hours and the time frame of the commitment. Each month we will send you a detailed accounting for all of the hours spent on your requests, and if you don?t use all of the hours, up to 25% can roll over to the next month.

For more information on how to participate please email Sales@contensive.com or call 571-291-3406 ext. 16 today!