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Different Types of Page Hits


Users are visitors to your website that are anonymous, but you believe they are actually people using their browsers

Recognized Users

Are Users that have been to the site before, have returned, and the website recognizes them. You can not be sure if they are really who you recognize, but this is good enough for tracking.

Authenticated Users

Are Users that are logged in. There are several ways to login including the username/password form. These users have a higher level of security. You can be sure they are who they say they are.

Content Managers

Are Authenticated Users who are in content manager groups, and can edit content on the site.

Content Administrators and Developers

Are Authenticated Users who have full access to manage all content the site.


Are automatic programs that fetch pages from websites. This information is often used to populate search engines, like Google and Yahoo.

Content Methods

Contensive has content methods that deliver special content from certain keywords. For instance, any url with the querystring method=status will deliver a website status that can be used for website monitoring

Remote Methods

Are add-ons that deliver content from add-ons installed in the site. For example, if you install the Search Engine Sitemap, you can access it's remote method with


Ajax Functions

These are functions embedded in pages that access the site independent of the user. For instance, when you open a node on the Navigator Menu, a function calls back to the server to get new data to display.