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Development Tutorial, Create a Manager Addon

A manager environment is a group of addons that work together to create a single placed where a user goes to manage one type of work. For instance, the Invoice Manager gathers all the features needed to handle system accounting.

  1. Create a development site on your local development machine (earlier tutorial)
  2. Install the Developer Add-on Samples collection from the Contensive Addon Manager. This installs a samples collection with a few sample addons. One of the sample addons is the Manager Sample. 
  3. Open the Addon Samples collection and transfer dependencies to your collection.
  4. Open the manager sample addon and clear the guid in the control tab. This will prevent future installations of the samples collection from overwriting your work. 
  5. Now you can use the addon manager to uninstall the addon samples collection.
  6. Get the "Addon Samples" code from GitHub, Contensive/Addon Samples. This gives you access to all the source code for the Visual Studio project. When you compile this project, it should match the Manager Sample
  7. Go to the Visual Studio and change the namespace to represent your project.
  8. Go to your development and edit the Manager Sample addon, changing the DotNet name space in the DLL tab to match the changes you made in the project.
  9. Recompile and the pr