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Contensive Developer References

The developer reference section contains technical descriptions of features and programming APIs.

Extending Contensive

Contensive can be extended through two mechanisms, script programming on the hosting page and through Add-ons. Each has its advantages and drawbacks. Generally, using add-ons is the easiest and most versatile but in those cases where the add-on framework does not provide enough flexibility, writing scripts is always a fall-back.

Scripting the Host Page

Contensive does not run directly from the web server, but is instantiated from a framework running on the server, such as php. This way it can easily interface to any windows server platform, and be developed on top of any scripting system going forward. We currently use PHP, but ASP and ASPX are also supported.

Contensive creates the website document requested within the Contensive API, so the script page that instantiates Contensive is used for the entire site, no matter what URL or content is requested. We call this the host page.

The easiest way to add functionality to the site through a host page script is to use replacement strings. Create an add-on that just leaves a unique string in the content, then in the host page, detect the unique string, run your functionality and replace it in.

Extending Contensive with Add-ons

An Add-on is a group of html, css, JavaScript, programming code, etc that when worked together, provide content or functionality for the site.

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