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Developer Tutorials

The goal of these tutorials is to provide a easy path for developers at Contensive to begin using our server framework.

  • Creating a Development Website

    Creating a new development website on your development workstation, staging server or production server.

  • Creating a New Addon

    An addon is a single entity that includes all the elements of a feature. For instance, an addon that runs on a page might include all the script code, html, css, javascript, etc. need for the functionality so a non-technical site editor can just add it anywhere it is needed.

  • Creating a New Addon Collection

    An addon collection is the best way to gather and organize all the related elements of a feature into a single installable file. It may include images, executables, addons, database meta data, etc.

  • Exporting a Collection and Installing a Collection

    Use the Collection Export tool to create a Collection zip file that can be moved to any Contensive SMS site and installed using the Add-on Manager.

  • Integrating a Visual Studio Assembly into an Addon

    Use Visual Studio to create robust applications online. This shows how to integrate an application written in Visual Studio into a Contensive Addon Collection.

  • Single-Step Debugging a Visual Studio Assembly

    How to use Visual Studio to single-step debug an assembly in your development environment.

  • Create a Manager Addon

    Create an administrative environment that manages multiple pages, like the Manger Sample in the Addon Samples, and the Invoice Manager.

  • Theme Manager Quick Import Tutorial

    This tutorial shows you how to use the Quick Import tool in the Theme Importer. The purpose of the Theme Importer Quick Import to to scrape a template from an existing website and setup a Template record under Manage Design that can be used on the current site.

  • Create a Microsite/Landing Page

    A Microsite is a small site with limited functionality. The tutorial shows you how to create a microsite within an existing website.

  • eCommerce API workflow
  • Building a Template From a Static Html Design

    Content pages are displayed within Site Templates. This tutorial describes the process of creating a new template from a static Html design, deploying that new design to an existing site, and changing the site to use the new template.

  • Building an Addon's Layout From a Static Html Design

    Addon's often display html, stored as Layouts. Layouts are created as html, css and javascript files. This tutorial describes the process of creating a new layout record from a static Html design, and incorporating the css and javascript into an addon.

  • Incorporating a Lazy Loading Design Pattern with cp.cache

    Lazy Loading is a simple pattern to add caching to a new or existing project.