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Step 2: Design

During the Design phase, we utilize the creative brief developed in Discovery to guide the direction of your organization's online opportunity. We work with your staff to review and conduct an analysis of your source content, such as provided presentations, materials, surveys, recommended websites, case studies, and testimonials.

Wire-frame Development Goals
  • Provide user experience reviews through wire-frame prototypes of each main user group.
  • Develop wire-frame prototypes for content review of all main sections with brand messaging and promotional "calls to action."
  • Provide user interface design directions/creative mock-ups for review/discussion and modifications + 2 revisions.
Website Design & Brand Integration Goals

After the wire-frames are approved we move into the actual design/art stage. We provide image research, iconographic options for navigational aids, fonts, and color palettes that works within your brand standards. During this stage we will:
  • Produce Advanced CSS Style Sheets, HTML/XHTML and graphics of approved User Interface templates.
  • Create multi-use templates for specialized page applications such as mobile devices.
  • Perform backwards compatibility browser testing to ensure a consistent delivery of website look and feel.