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DSLR Gift Cards

Gift cards for photography classes can be purchased through the DSLR Workshops website. To purchase a gift card, users will click on Gift Cards from the menu and login. On the Gift Card page, users specify how many gift cards they want, the deliver method (email or print), who is getting the gift card and who the gift card is from. They can also include a message if they want to. Once all the information is entered, they will hit continue to pay for the gift card. After the purchase is complete, the gift card record is marked as available. Once the recipient redeems the gift card the record is no longer available to use.

If the user selects email delivery, an email is sent both to the gift card purchaser and recipient. The email will include the gift card number for the recipient to use. If the user selects print delivery, then only the purchaser of the gift card receives an email with a link to the gift card information.

Gift card records are accessible by logging in and clicking on ADMIN>DSLR WORKSHOPS>GIFT CARDS. Select the record you want to open and click the paper/pencil icon next to it.