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Creating and Using Bookmarks

Bookmarks are invisible markers you can add to the content of a page and create links to from other pages.

Creating a Bookmark

Bookmarks are created with the bookmark tool in the page editor (icon in the top row next to the link tool). To create a bookmark, edit the page where you want to place the bookmark (the destination of a link). Use your cursor to highlight a word in the correct position on the page and click the bookmark tool.

In the bookmark dialog, type the name of the bookmark and hit Save.

Linking to a Bookmark

When you link to this bookmark, the correct page will open and the browser will automatically scroll to the location where you added the bookmark.

To create a link, edit the page where you want the bookmark link to be added. highlight the word you want to be linked and open the anchor tool (icon in the top row that looks like a chain link).

If the bookmark is on the same page you are editing, just select it in the bookmark drop-down.

If the destination bookmark is in another page, enter the link to that page, followed by a pound sign # and your bookmark.

For example, to go to a bookmark on the home page called "top", enter: