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Creating a new site using ASP scripting

To create a new site that uses ASP scripting as it's hosting page, you can either use the 'new site' wizard in the Application Manager, or create it manually.

Using the New Site Wizard

The Site Wizard creates a simple site, using MS Access as it's database. If you wish to use another database, you can easily switch after the site is created.

  1. Open the Contensive Application Manager, by clicking Start > Programs > Contensive > Application Manager
  2. Click on the server where you want to add your site. When the Application Manager connects to the server, the server's icon will turn green.
  3. Right click on the server, and click Add Site. You will be prompted for the following:
  • Site Name
  • IP Address
  • Domain Name
  • HTML Documents Folder
  • Content Files Folder
  • ODBC DSN File Folder
  • Database File Folder
  • SMTP Email Server
  • Admin Email Address

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