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Creating a New Addon

This tutorial shows you how to create a new Contensive Addon.

The purpose of an Addon is to hold all the elements of a site feature (like the code, javascript, css, html, etc.) together in one element that can used on the site. It may be placed on a page, handle an ajax call, run as a process in the background, etc..

You should already have created a new developer site on your workstation.

Create an Add-on

  1. On the Admin Navigaor on the left, Open

    Manage Add-ons >> Advanced >> click on Add-ons.

    You will see a list of all the Add-ons installed on the site.

  2. Click the Add button to create a new Add-on. 

    You will see a new add-on record.

    Set the name. I will use "Sample Addon"

    In the Html Content box, enter "<b>Hello World</b>"

    In the Placement tab, check "Place on Pages" and "Admin Navigator"

  3. Click OK at the top of the page to save the Add-on and exit the edit page.

  4. Execute the new addon.

    On the Admin navigator on the left Open

    Manage Add-ons >> Advanced >> Add-ons With No Collection >> click on Sample Addon.

    You should see the words Hello World in bold on the left pane.

  5. Add the addon to a website page 

    Go to the public home of your website and turn on Quick Edit

    Place the cursor in the page editor where you want your addon and select it from the Add-ons drop down. A green icon will appear when you place the addon in the copy.

    Click OK to save and close the editor. Your addon will run here and show "Hello World" where you placed the icon.