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Creating Forms

Web site forms are used to collect information from visitors. The can be simple, with just one of two fields to fill out and submit, or much large more complicated multiple page applications. Contensive has several solutions to meet many different needs.

Simple Forms

For a simple single page form that a content manager can create, use the WYSIWYG editor. Edit your page, add a FORM element from the form editor menu. Then add input fields within the form, and a submit button at the bottom. The form editor menu includes all these, and many more features.

  • Form results are emailed to the 'Admin Email Address'. Set this address in 'Email Settings'
  • Form results are also saved in the 'User Form Response'

Complex Forms

For more complicated forms, use the Form Wizard. It has the following features:

  • Allows required fields
  • Multi-page forms with 'continue' and 'back' handling
  • Forms prepopulated from, and saved to database tables (user, company, or any custom table)
  • Thank you message page
  • Notification email to a site administrator
  • Response email to the site visitor
  • Add or remove the visitor form groups. They then can be tracked, and targeted.
Custom Forms

For more complex forms, we recommend a developer or designer use the Aggregate Function interface to program exactly the form you need.


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