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Contensive is an Enterprise CMS

Easy Content Editing

  • Edit content directly on the page or use the content records in the admin area both have an easy to use interface
  • Easily block content to only allow access to certain groups 
  • Quickly optimize your pages with built-in meta-content fields
  • Drop add-ons on your page to extend functionality simply and easily

Email marketing 

  • Email marketing tools allow you to create and email segmented lists
  • Track results not just clicks, see which pages readers click on and how long they stay
  • Automatically manage email bounces
  • Optionally, auto-log in members through emails

Event and Meetings Management 

  • Create meeting registrations and specify attendee types and pricing
  • Set pricing for events and sessions and off-site activities
  • Generate complete reporting that is exportable
  • Accept multiple payment types; including credit cards, checks, PO, and more


  • Surveys are an add-on so you can drop them on any page
  • Create single question quick surveys or multiple questions survey
  • Answers can be text, drop down selects, check boxes or radio buttons
  • Survey results can be displayed on the page or saved to DB for viewing and/or exporting

Member Profile Forms 

  • Allow your users to update profiles online
  • Optional settings to allow "primary" or "key" to manage company information or manage their own membership access and details

On Site Blogging 

  • Full blogging capability right on your own site 
  • Create blog posts by combining text, images, and links to web pages, and other media related to the blog topic.
  • Readers can leave comments in an interactive format that can be moderated or not.
  • Tag blog content for easier site usability define single or multiple author access to create blog posts

Social Media

  • Build community and site stickiness by integrating social networking add-ons
  • Twitter feed display and re-tweets
  • Face Book likes Users can easily share and re-post content
  • Users can post comments about site content on defined pages (moderated or auto-posted)