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Javascript API

The Javascript API contains a programming interface to simplify the interaction between the server and the browser. You reference the API with the cj object in javascript.

A simple example is a text box that saves it's data as it is typed. Create a new add-on, and add a text box. Add javascript to onChange or onKeyUp of the text box to call the cj.ajax.data() method to save the content of the text box into a field in a record of a table.

Drop this add-on on any page, and when it is rendered, the data will automatically save.

Alternately, you can write a remote method add-on that accepts data from the querystring and saves it how you wish. Your client-side code could then call the cj.ajax.addon() method which executes your server-side code and performs the function.

cj Methods

  • cj.encodeHTML()
  • cj.invisible()
  • cj.visible()
  • cj.hide()
  • cj.show()
  • cj.setFrameHeight()
  • cj.encodeTextAreaKey()
  • cj.addHeadScriptLink()
  • cj.addHeadStyle()
  • cj.addHeadStyleLink()
  • cj.addHeadScriptCode()
  • cj.addLoadEvent()
  • cj.addListener()

cj Objects