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Contensive Installation and Setup

For details, see the section in the Knowledge Base on Installation and Setup

Installing Contensive on the server

To configure Contensive, first run the installation program. This installs the softare, configures the Windows Services to start Contensive on reboot, and optionally installs a Sample website.

Creating a site

To create a website that uses Contensive, Open the Contensive Application Manager, right click on the server node where you want to create the site and click the Create Site link. Follow the wizard instructions.

This process creates a default MS Access database. To switch to another ODBC supported Db, create an empty Database and an ODBC data source to it. Open the Contensive Application Manager and right click on the site you wish to setup for your database. Stop the Contensive application, switch the Database Connection String, and Start with Upgrade. This will create the necessary tables to run your site.

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