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Contensive's Powerful Web Content Management System

With Contensive, you get a powerful, affordable web content management system (CMS) for easy website modifications. We are uniquely qualified to help with all of your online initiatives because our web CMS provides key website functionality packaged into powerful add-ons that you can effortlessly drop on any web page. 

Some of these powerful features are outlined below:

Email marketing

  • Create and email segmented lists.
  • Track results, not just clicks, to see which pages readers click on and how long they stay.
  • Automatically manage email bounces.
  • Optionally auto-log in members through emails.

Event and Meetings Management

  • Create online registration for meetings and specify attendee types and pricing.
  • Set pricing for events and sessions and off-site activities.
  • Generate complete reporting that is exportable.
  • Accept multiple payment types, including credit cards, checks, PO, and more.

Account Management

  • Create accounts for trade and professional memberships.
  • Generate invoices that can be auto-paid, emailed, faxed or mailed.
  • Track payments against invoices.
  • Accept join/renew applications through online registration.


  • Manage orders of items from online stores.
  • Enable automatic renewal and billing of memberships.
  • Manage invoices and statements for account purchases.


  • Create single question, quick surveys or multiple question surveys.
  • Choose text, drop down selects, check boxes or radio buttons for answers.
  • Display survey results on the page or save to DB for viewing and/or exporting.

Member Profile Forms

  • Allow your users to update profiles online.
  • Option to allow "primary" or "key" settings for managing company information and individual membership access and detail.
  • Access "My Account" features to update billing and payment info.
  • View purchase history.

On Site Blogging

  • Provide full blogging capability right on your own site.
  • Create blog posts by combining text, images, links to web pages, and other media related to the blog topic.
  • Enable readers to leave comments in an interactive format that can be moderated or not.
  • Tag blog content for easier site usability; define single or multiple author access to create blog posts.
  • Provide online registration for access to restricted blogs.

Social Media

  • Build community and site stickiness by integrating social networking add-ons.
  • Facilitate Twitter feed display and re-tweets.
  • Enable Facebook likes users can easily share.
  • Provide ability for users to post comments about site content on defined pages.