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Contensive API

Contensive provides a set of objects you can use to create functionality and content. Generally, addon programming is performed by creating a dotnet class, but you can also use active script technology with any active script system supported on your server. By default, windows servers support VBScript and JScript.

For either dotnet classes or active scripting, Contensive exposes a set of objects through a single object interface, the Contensive Processor or cp. cp is written against an abstract base class, cpBaseClass, which is installed with the Contensive installation as cpBase.dll.

Add-ons can be used within Contensive in many places, but in all cases, they are called as a single call to the execute method of the class with a single argument, the cp object. They perform their action and can optionally return a string. An add-on placed on a page is replaced with the class's return string during processing.

Several dotnet addon samples, with both c# and vb source code are available through the add-on Library (the addon manager) called Add-on Samples.

The CPBaseClass reference is available online at http://support.contensive.com/api

For more information about creating Addons, see http://support.contensive.com/Creating-Add-ons