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Setting Login Options

The Preferences page under settings on the admin navigator controls login options. They are as follows.

Allow Email Login

When checked, a site user can use their email or username in the username field.

Allow Password-less Login

When checked, non-content managers can login with a password if their account does not include a password.

Allow Password Email

When checked, the standard site login includes a form to email a person's username and password to their email address.

Allow Auto Recognize

When checked. a returning user will use the same user account as the visit from the computer they are using. They will not be logged in so they can not access blocked content, but they will be tracked, and personalization on the pages will work.

Allow Auto Login

When checked a returning user will be logged into the same user account the last visit from the computer they are using.

Allow Duplicate Usernames

When checked, you can have multiple accounts with the same username. This is not a secure configuration, but can be used to meet specific username/password configuration requirements of some organizations.

Allow Public Registration

When checked, this site property can be used to control add-ons that might have signup forms. For instance, the Contensive blog addon has an option to only allow comments if your registered. in this case, it allows visitors to register only if this check-box is checked.

Custom Log-in Add-on

if you have an alternate log-in form, paste it into an add-on and select it here. The add-on will be used internally to block content. It will be called to create the form, and again at the beginning of the next page if the form is submitted (to perform the log-in function)