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Collection File Page Interface Form Node

A Form node defines a form that will be created by Contensive during rendering. Typcailly, these are used for settings pages or report pages. The Form interface provides an easy way for developers to create pages that control site properties, content copy and other important user configurable settings.

An example of a settings page would be the Preferences page under the Settings Navigator. That entire Add-on is created with the form node.

<Form name="" guid="">
<Description />
<Help />
<HelpLink />
<Tab name="" description="">
<CopyContent />
<DbQuery />

Name is used to identify the addon in displayed lists. If the GUID is not present, name is used to locate an addon for upgrades.

guid is string used to uniquely identify the addon. To create a new guid, use the Create GUID tool from Advanced Tool menu in the navigator any Contensive site

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