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Collection Installation File

The Collection Installation file is an XML file that contains a description of features, settings, components and content to be imported. One configuration files is required for an Add-on Collection to install. A Collection Installation file is not needed to create a collection on your site, but if after creating it, you want to copy it to another site, an installation file is needed. There is an Add-on, Add-on Collection Export, which creates this file for you from your site's settings.

The top node for an addon collection is the 'Collection'.

<Collection name="" guid="" system="" updatable="">
<CDef />
<Data />
<ImportCollection />
<Addon />
<NavigatorEntry />
<SQLIndex />
<Styles />
<ScriptingModule Name="" guid="" />
<Resource Name="" Type="www|content|executable" Path="" />

Name is used to identify the collection in displayed lists. If the GUID is not present, name is used to locate a collection for upgrades.

guid is string used to uniquely identify the collection. To create a new guid, use the Create GUID tool from Advanced Tool menu in the navigator any Contensive site

system if yes or true, the collection can not be removed. It will be updated automatically from the Library.

updatable if yes or true, the collection can be updated from the Add-on Manager and automatically if the collection comes from the Collection Library. If false, updates will be blocked.

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